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Why are there Visa processing delays?

Why is your case taking so long? USCIS processing delays remain at crisis levels.

Why hasn’t your case been decided yet?

Millions of families, businesses and individuals are applying for immigration benefits through the USCIS – U.S, Citizenship and Immigration Services to process and approve applications and petitions.

In just six years the processing time has grown from 5 months to 9 months, slowing business operations and keeping families separated.

Who is Affected?

Anyone who files applications or petitions with the USCIS is affected. Processing time has increased even though there has been a decrease in cases.

Why are cases taking longer?

  • There have been changes in policy due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
  • Fingerprinting requirement for certain I-539 applicants.
  • Some I-765 applications cannot be adjudicated before biometrics are taken.

What can I do?

  •  Ensure your lawyer has your current contact information.
  • Work with your lawyer to file paperwork as early as allowed.
  • Expect extra time.

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