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Why Lentini Visas?


As a Business Owner, you know the value that foreign national employees can bring to your company. It’s hard to fulfill your company’s human resource needs without them.

The problem is that you have to ensure that they have proper employment visas. And you have to make sure your company remains in compliance with the rules and regulations governing those visas.

Employment visa petitions and compliance can add substantially to your company’s work load. There is so much to know. And the rules and requirements keep changing.

Lentini Visas | Immigration Services, Law Office of Jacqueline Lentini LLC | Why Lentini Visas?That’s where I can help you.

My name is Jacqueline Lentini. I am an immigration lawyer with an office in St. Charles, IL. Immigration law is my passion and employment visas are my specialty.

I lighten the burden of employment visa petitions and compliance for my Chicago-area clients by:

  • Guiding you step-by-step through the
  • H-1B employment visa process.
  • Explaining everything in a straightforward manner and not overloading you with legal jargon.
  • Ensuring that all your pre-existing requirements for H-1B visas are in place before filing petitions.
  • Minimizing your costs to file and to comply wherever possible by alerting you in advance about what you need to provide to avoid rush filing fees and penalties.
  • Staying current on all the relevant immigrant laws and informing you of the changes that will affect you, your employees and your company.
  • Providing senior level service to you always – I do not delegate your project to junior level attorneys.
  • Focusing exclusively on immigration law – your case will never get bumped for someone’s traffic violation, divorce developments or injury lawsuit.
  • Responding to your calls and emails promptly.

    My office in St. Charles enables me to provide immigration law services to corporations and individuals all over the Greater Chicago area, and nationally since immigration is federal law.

Contact me today at 630-262-1435 or to see how I can help you with the employment visa and compliance process and lighten your load.