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Jacqueline Lentini Immigration Experiences

Lentini Visas | Immigration Services, Law Office of Jacqueline Lentini LLC | ExperiencesFollowing are a few of the experiences that Jacki Lentini has achieved for her clients:

  • Corporate Assistance
    • For the breadth of her career, handled US immigration matters for a large multinational company in the IT consulting industry, including through several acquisitions;
    • Offered complete analysis of legal permanent residency process and other nonimmigrant processes on behalf of companies to understand the risks associated with sponsorship;
    • Represented companies during Fraud Detection and National Security (“FDNS”) site visits for H-1B, R-1 and L-1 visa holders;
    • Advised companies regarding legitimate recruitment for PERM processing and audit responses to the Department of Labor;
    • Offered strategic immigration advising and aided companies in complying with USCIS and DOL regulations in connection with corporate restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions;
    • Strategized with multi-national companies in applying for both new office(s) in the United States and transferring foreign employees to the United States.
  • H-1B
    • Reduced settlement fine in a Department of Labor Wage & Hour audit for an H-1B Public Access case;
    • Prepared companies in obtaining H-1B visas for qualified employees across multiple industries including IT, manufacturing, engineering, health care, marketing, graphic design, and winemaking;
    • Counseled companies in documenting the employer-employee relationship for H-1B visa issuance;
    • Guided companies in seeking alternative visas when an individual did not qualify for H-1B such as E, J, L, R, TN, O, P visas, or after the H-1B cap is exhausted
  • Government
    • Re-certified a federal government agency’s J-1 Exchange Visitor program with the Department of State employing approximately three hundred J-1 foreign nationals;
    • Obtained green cards for faculty and staff at IL and OH state universities.
  • Non-Profit
    • Obtained Board of Immigration Appeals accreditation for a local non-profit to process immigration cases as a bona fide non-government organization (NGO) servicing the Latino community, refugees and domestic abuse victims.
    • Obtained R-1 and green cards for Religious Workers and Ministers in several Illinois churches large and small;
    • Obtained nonimmigrant visas and legal permanent residency for an international non-profit industry organization and mental services institute.
  • Individuals
    • Obtained green cards in the family based immediate relative and family preference categories;
    • Successfully prepared USCIS’ Response for Evidence (“RFE”) responses to ensure clients obtain the immigration status requested;
    • Successfully removed conditions on legal permanent residency after two years of marriage to a U.S. Citizen;
    • Obtained Naturalization for legal permanent residents with complex residency issues and DUI’s.