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USCIS Announces New Fee Schedule, Including Increases for Employment-Based Petitions

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In a move aimed at modernizing operations and enhancing service efficiency, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has introduced a final rule adjusting various immigration and naturalization benefit request fees. Notably, these adjustments include increases for certain employment-based petitions, reflecting the following changes:

  1. Fee Adjustments for Employment-Based Petitions:
    •  The final rule implements increases in filing fees for employment-based immigration petitions, including Form I-129 for nonimmigrant worker petitions and Form I-140 for immigrant worker petitions.
    • These fee adjustments for employment-based petitions are part of USCIS’s efforts to align fee structures with operational costs and support more efficient processing of applications in this category.
  1. Impact on Employers and Foreign Workers:
    •  The fee increases for employment-based petitions may present additional financial burdens for employers, particularly smaller businesses, seeking to sponsor foreign talent.
    • Similarly, foreign workers pursuing employment opportunities in the U.S. may face heightened financial barriers due to these fee adjustments.
  1. Moving Forward:
    • USCIS’s fee adjustments, effective April 1, 2024, aim to enhance customer experience and address backlog growth.

Stakeholders, including employers, foreign workers, and legal practitioners, are advised to stay informed about the revised fee structures and seek appropriate counsel to navigate the evolving landscape of employment-based immigration petitions effectively.

For more information on the final rule and its implications, contact my office at 630-262-1435 or email at to discuss your options as an employer or as a foreign worker navigating the complex employment-based immigration process.