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Admission to the US

What happens upon admission to the US?

An example of an entry stamp in a passport that reads, U.S. IMMIGRATION LOS ADMITTED JUN 23, 2001. During the admission to the US process Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents stamp your passport and enters your admission record in the database. Always check the expiration date of your stamp before leaving the port of entry!

Passport Expiration

Expiration dates are different for different visa categories, but there is one rule that governs all admissions: The government will never give you a period of admission beyond the expiration of your passport. If your passport will expire soon, make sure you pay attention to when your admission period expires, because it may be shorter than you expect.

Confirm your Expiration Status

Travelers can access their admission records online at This will list your I-94 admission number, visa classification, and the date your status expires.

Changing your Status

People often can extend their stay in the United States or change the class of admission. This is done by USCIS. When USCIS extends a stay or changes a class of admission, USCIS issues a new I-94 that replaces the one issued by CBP. The new I-94 is usually a detachable portion in the lower right-hand side of the I-797A Approval Notice. The new I-94 now controls the period of admission.

USCIS will issue a new I-94 when approving a change of status or an extension of status. However, this information is not updated on CBP’s I-94 website. It is essential, therefore, that you keep a copy of any USCIS approval notice.

Immigration attorneys and government agencies will need this information to help you.

Is there a mistake in your status?

Contact your immigration attorney first. The attorney can evaluate whether it is possible to fix the mistake in the United States or whether you will have to leave the United States and apply for a new visa. You will have to explain why the mistake was not discovered before the I-94 expired. The attorney will help you create a plan to manage and resolve the problem. Sometimes, it is possible to fix a mistake in the United States, depending on the situation. Sometimes, the only way to fix the problem is to leave the United States. The attorney can help you make the best plan for your situation.

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