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Prevailing Wages Update for H1B Visas

Stay up to date on Prevailing Wages for H-1B Visas.An image of a dollar bill with a few coins on top of it. The words Prevailing Wage were edited on top of the image. The Lentini globe logo is in the bottom right-hand corner.

Over the past year, the Department of Labor (DOL) has indicated that it would adjust the Prevailing Wages for Foreign Nationals in the National Prevailing Wage database. With much back and forth due to the transition in the Presidential Administrations, the DOL has delayed rolling out the new wages until November 2022. The new wages will affect all H-1B cases and green card applications based on a labor certification. By law, the employer must meet the prevailing wage in the area of employment for the H-1B as well as for a labor certification. Once the new wages are in place, the wages in the national database will undoubtedly be inflated to rates beyond what a company is currently paying foreign nationals. Since the wage increases had bipartisan support in Congress, it is speculated that some percentage of increase in wages will occur, even it is not as high as the proposed rates.

Here is a story about this very topic that I thought would interest you.


If your company wishes to retain foreign nationals beyond the time allotted on the nonimmigrant visa, we recommend beginning the green card process in the next year to lock in a wage under the current DOL system. We are ready and on stand-by to assist your organization in navigating the ever-changing landscape of DOL prevailing wages.

We would be glad to discuss this further with you and the impact it will have on any foreign national’s employment at your business.