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Visa Articles to Review

A person is holding a piece of paper with the USCIS and DHS logo in focus.

Two articles from 2020 discuss some issues for which you need to be aware. Following are the articles and the bullet points for each:

Article: USCIS Informs 13,000 Federal Employees of Potential Furloughs Without Emergency Funding

  • The potential furloughing of 13,000+ workers with USCIS will adversely affect processing times for applications for various immigration benefits.  This will affect currently pending applications as well as future applications filed at the USCIS Service Centers.
  • This is a funding issue which would need to be addressed by Congress to avert the furloughs.

The other article from January:

  • The proposed fee increases by USCIS described in this article will hit applicants and employers in their pocketbooks.
  • USCIS is funded by the fees charged for applications.  With the shortfall of funds due to the Covid-19, USCIS is scrambling to make ends meet at the cost of the consumer.