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USCIS Budget Crisis

In May, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
notified Congress that the agency predicted a budget shortfall
for the remainder of 2020, reportedly due to a lower volume
of filings received during the COVID-19 pandemic. The
agency requested a $1.2 billion bailout from Congress and
noted that, if it did not receive the money, it would furlough
13,000-plus people or nearly 70 percent of its workforce. Then,
a congressional inquiry revealed a USCIS surplus for the
fiscal year. USCIS ultimately canceled the scheduled furlough,
but advised that—despite the fact that the furlough will not
happen now—the agency will still institute “aggressive spending
reduction measures,” which will result in increased processing
times. USCIS further stated that it may not be able to avoid
future furloughs without congressional intervention.

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