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AILA Flyer: EAD Extensions Back to 180-Days Soon

Below is a flyer from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) outlining information regarding Employment Authorization Document (EAD) extensions. This extension is automatic if someone files for a new EAD card before the current EAD expires. A Temporary Final Ruling from USCIS announced an automatic extension period up to 540 days to combat long processing times. Unfortunately USCIS is reverting back to an 180 day automatic extension on October 26, 2023. 

While very limited, there is still time to possibly qualify for a 540 day extension on an EAD extension. Consider contacting me at or call at +1 630-262-1435 if you or an employee wants to take advantage of the longer EAD extension.

You can also view the flyer in PDF form here: Law Office of Jaqueline Lentini, LLC; AILA Flyer-EAD_Extension

AILA flyer page 1 on automatic EAD extensions. AILA flyer page 2 on automatic EAD extensions.