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ADIT Stamps: Who, What, and When?

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An Alien Documentation, Identification, and Telecommunication (ADIT) stamp (also known as an I-551 stamp) is used for temporary evidence of legal permanent residence. 

USCIS recently announced mail delivery as an option for lawful permanent residents needing the ADIT stamp instead of visiting the nearest USCIS Field Office. You can learn more about that process here.

ADIT Stamps are needed for legal permanent residents in the following situations: an I-90 has been filed and the 24-month automatic extension on their Receipt Notice has expired, a conditional legal permanent resident has filed an I-751 to remove conditions, and the 48-month automatic extension listed on the Receipt Notice has passed. ADIT Stamps are needed if either of these applications have been filed, but there’s no physical card to show in conjunction with the Receipt Notice when traveling. 

ADIT Stamps are not needed in two instances. When a legal resident, permanent or conditional, is in possession of their expired card, but the receipt notice and corresponding automatic extension has not yet expired. Secondly, when a permanent resident has filed for Naturalization at least six months before the Green Card expiration, with a N-400 on or after December 12, 2022. The N-400 receipt will provide a 24 month extension of the Green Card. During those 24 months, an ADIT stamp is not needed. 

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