On Thursday May 4th I’ll be speaking at the Kane County Bar Association 2017 Immigration Seminar. My topic is “An Overview of Business Immigration with Relevant Updates in the Areas of Work Visas, International Students and Permanent Residency”.
Where: FONA International, 1900 Averill Road, Geneva, IL. From 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Hot Topics include:
What is Coming and Pleading Guilty to Crimes in State Court;
The Family and Social Impact of the Deportation Actions;
Legislative Attitude, Both Locally and Nationally in the areas of Immigration Law;
Crimmigration Panel Discussion (Negative Immigration Consequences for Criminal Convictions);and
Business Immigration: Overview and Relevant Updates in the Areas of Work Visas, International Students and Permanent Residency
Please view the flyer below for more details.