20 11, 2020

What to Expect on Immigration from the Biden Administration

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For the past four years, the U.S. immigration community and everyone who serves it have felt under siege. The Trump [...]

22 05, 2020

Charting the Course for H-1Bs and Other Visas Through COVID-19

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Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash U.S. Immigration laws and regulations have always required immigration attorneys to have [...]

6 02, 2020

An H-1B Season of Transition Begins

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash On February 3, 2020 a coding flaw in a mobile app delayed [...]

2 12, 2019

What’s New for This H-1B Cap Season

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The week following Thanksgiving often signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season for those who did not dive in [...]

3 09, 2019

International Student Enrollment Is Tapering, But Not for the Reasons You May Think

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Unlike many lawyers I know, I did not go directly from my undergraduate studies to law school. In fact, when [...]

21 01, 2019

H-1B Visas: What You Need to Know About Filing in 2019

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Source: Cheryl Empey via FreeImages.com As a dedicated immigration attorney, I’ve been steadfast in my H-1B visa service [...]

21 01, 2019

USCIS Is Phasing Out Online Self-Scheduled InfoPass Appointments

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As your immigration attorney I try to take care of as much of your application process and answer as many [...]

10 09, 2018

New Unlawful Presence Guidelines Increase Vigilance on International Students and Exchange Visitors

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Recently a student called my office asking to talk to the “F-1 attorney.” The student was employed using his STEM [...]